Sports bloggers, write for us!

Sports bloggers, write for us | Submit guest posts to Epica SportsWe’re on the lookout for guest bloggers to craft interesting, useful sports & fitness content for

Are you the guest sports blogger we’re looking for?

Do you have compelling sports news and useful health & fitness tips to share with the Epica Sports blog audience?

Sports bloggers, write for us - Submit a guest post

Sports writers wanted, submit your guest posts!

Got an idea for a great sports & fitness guest post? You could be our next featured blogger!


Guest post submission guidelines

  1. Original, unique, never-published content only
    • copy will be Copyscaped and verified, content published here should not be published elsewhere later, no one benefits from duplicated content
  2. Strict standards for quality, grammar and spelling when you write for us
    • run basic spell check before submitting, use paragraph breaks & capitalization, poorly written guest posts will be rejected
  3. NO use of offensive or defamatory content including profanity
    • we’re not above of a little brand bashing from time to time, just be fair, we’re not a chapel, but keep it family friendly
  4. Relevant, useful links only, sponsored links require prior agreement
    • any outbound links are subject to editorial change, contact us regarding sponsored posts if you wish to promote a specific site
  5. Include a simple author bio, avatar/picture, and any pertinent information
    • include any info that demonstrates your expertise in the subject matter, a Gravatar email address and a link to your blog or site
  6. Be patient when submitting guest posts, we’ll respond as soon as possible
    • Sponsored post submissions will receive priority editorial & publication attention, but free content you write for us will be considered

Sports bloggers, write for us - Submit a guest post

Editor & recurring sports writers wanted

Looking for something a little more permanent? We need a long term sports editor & blogger.

  • We’re on the prowl for a great sports blogger to write for us on a regular basis
  • Editorial responsibilities dependent on experience and skill set


Recurring sports writer & editor submission details

  • 2 sample posts that…
    • …are around 400 words each, written on topics relevant to the site
    • …indicate a solid grasp on grammar/spelling, phrasing and engagement
    • …demonstrate your ability to write compelling content that is useful
  • 3 ideas for future posts that…
    • …are timely, compelling ideas our audience would likely engage
    • …have a unique twist, not just rehashed from another site
    • …you would feel passionate about writing
  • 1 simple bio that…
    • …expresses a little about yourself, a little personal touch
    • …demonstrates your experience/expertise in the subject matter
    • …includes a link to your primary writing platform – blog, website etc
  • Any content must conform to guest post guidelines

Sports bloggers, write for us - Submit a guest post

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Sports bloggers, write for us! We’re looking for guest bloggers to write sports news & reviews to share with our audience.
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