Many of us spend hours in front of the television set on an annual basis to watch the great Grand Slam tournaments. Some of us are even lucky enough to obtain tickets and see the worlds’ greatest players in action live at the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon and the U.S. Open. The prize money offered in these tournaments is also huge and all the Grand Slams now feature well in excess of $20 million in prize money.

However, have you ever wondered who the richest tennis players in the world actually are? This will typically comprise of not only tournament prize money, but also various sponsorship deals.

This post will now introduce you to the three richest tennis players in the world.

Serena Williams


Serena is the younger Williams sister, but few can dispute she is the better player from this amazing tennis family. She is currently ranked as world number one and is also the oldest woman to hold this distinction at the age of 31. It is estimated that Serena’s net worth is approximately $85 million and she can also boast the fact that she has won more prize money playing her sport than any other female athlete in history. However, the vast majority of her massive fortune has obviously come from her outside ventures and mainly from endorsements. The Williams’ sisters have now become a world recognized brand and Serena even launched her own line of jewellery, as well as handbags a number of years ago. She has co-written a best-selling book with her sister and they even own a share in their favourite American football team, the Miami Dolphins.

Maria Sharapova


Maria has earned more money over every single one of the last eight years than any other female athlete on this planet. She is considered the “golden girl” of tennis, and not just for her amazing tournament play, but also her fantastic looks. The mere fact that she could quite easily have a career as a supermodel has seen sponsors queuing up to sign her up to their brands. Her net worth is now estimated to be in the region of $90 million. Nike is Maria’s biggest sponsor and you will note that pretty every item of clothing she wears on court, from her caps to tennis shoes is sponsored by Nike. Sharapova has even gone as far as to design her own fashion label under the Nike arm, known as Cole Haan.

Roger Federer


Were you really expecting anyone else? Viewed by many as the greatest man to ever pick up a tennis racket, he has also won more Grand Slam singles titles than any other man who has ever played the game. In fact, Roger can boast being the second highest paid athlete in the world during 2012, falling just slightly short of Tiger Wood’s fortune. Federer now has an estimated worth of $140 million, although he earns well in excess of $40 million a year from his many and varied sponsorship deals. He signed a deal with Moet & Chandon is 2012 which will see him scoop a cool $6 million a year for the next five years.

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