Sticking to a regular exercise program is far from easy.

Many people start working out with the best of intentions, but ultimately fail for one reason or another.

The top 10 causes of workout failure include:

Too Much, Too Fast:

exerciseMany people try to instantly go from dormant to super active, instead of gradually easing into an exercise program. This feels great at first, but often leads to burnout, as this transition should be made slowly.

They’re Not Passionate About It:

It’s important for people to find something they love, if they want to realize success in the long-term. No one wants to permanently incorporate an activity they don’t enjoy into their lifestyle.

They Expect Results Too Fast:

Often times, people incorrectly assume they’ll see drastic results shortly after starting an exercise program. This belief can lead to failure, as they get discouraged and give up when they don’t lose weight according to their unrealistic timeline.

weight_liftingThey Get Busy:

People who are really committed to an exercise program make time in their schedule for it. However, many people use being busy as an excuse not to work out. Those who are truly dedicated will always find time in the day to make a sweat session happen.

Lack of Motivation:

Exercise isn’t always easy, so it takes a great deal of motivation to keep up with the program. Many people stay inspired by working out with a buddy, as this is a great way to hold each other accountable.

It Gets Boring:

Doing the same exercise repeatedly can quickly become monotonous. People who don’t switch it up can eventually get bored and lose interest. Workout programs like Spinning® allow people to follow a number of different routines, so they never get too repetitive.

It’s Inconvenient:

At first, many people don’t mind getting up early or driving across town to get their workout in. However, inconvenient workouts typically fail, because they’re not easy for people to fit into their schedules.

It Must Be Done Outside:

Running and biking outdoors can be great ways to burn calories when the weather is good, but aren’t such a great idea when no one wants to be outside. Most climates can’t handle a strictly outdoor regimen.

measuringThey Compare Themselves to Others:

No two people are alike. Progress made by one person will likely be very different than the person they’re next to in class. People become discouraged when they make unrealistic comparisons of themselves to others, causing them to give up.

They Succumb to an Injury:

Many people overdo it when they first start exercising, but this can put too much pressure on the body and result in injury. It’s important to start slowly and gain advice from a fitness professional, to make sure they’re not doing too much, too fast.

Being aware of the top reasons exercise programs fail is a great way to avoid falling short. When people know what obstacles they may face, they can prepare to combat them.

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