More and more people take up cycling every year. Not only is cycling a fun way to explore the outdoors, but it provides a healthy and convenient method for getting in a good cardiovascular workout.

While the current cycling craze is underway, there are several things that riding enthusiasts can do to encourage a love of cycling.

  1. Plan a cycling tour while on holiday or during a weekend at home.
  2. Join a cycling group to meet other cycling enthusiasts.
  3. Ride with children and instill a love of cycling in them.
  4. If possible, cycle to work instead of driving a car or taking public transportation.


    Cycling (Photo credit: tejvanphotos)

  5. Ride around neighborhood parks and forest preserves.
  6. To witness professional cycling up close, buy tickets to the Tour de France in July.
  7. Buy a cycling helmet to prevent head injuries while riding.
  8. Purchase breathable clothing that will wick away moisture and make riding more comfortable.
  9. Wear gloves to reduce shock on hands and arms while improving grip.
  10. Prepare for riding season by practicing on an exercise bike at the local gym.
  11. Install an exercise bike in the home for convenient health and fitness throughout the year.
  12. Practice squats, lunges, and other leg-related exercises to improve strength and endurance for riding.
  13. Map a cycling route in a new and unfamiliar area.
  14. Take photographs during the ride to capture special scenery and moments that may be found while cycling.
  15. Book a romantic getaway with a loved one that features cycling.
  16. Ride to a park, field, or wooded area and set up a picnic with family, friends, or partner.
  17. Watch the Tour de France on television with friends and family who enjoy cycling.
  18. Read books on cycling.
  19. Buy a Bikesnbits land rover bike and train to ride rugged terrain instead of worn trails and paved paths.
  20. Purchase books on the history of the Tour de France.
  21. In order to enjoy the Tour de France more thoroughly, become acquainted with the rules and regulations that govern the Tour.
  22. Learn who will be riding in the Tour de France.
  23. Buy a tandem bike to ride with a partner, child, or friend.
  24. Purchase a bike as a gift for someone who has expressed interest in cycling or who is an avid rider.

    Cycling Bike at Night

    Cycling Bike at Night (Photo credit:

  25. Wear knee-pads during rides for protection in the event of an accident or fall.
  26. To ensure greater longevity, protect bikes by storing them properly and keeping them well-oiled.
  27. Shop regularly at neighborhood cycling stores such as bikesnbits and support local business.
  28. Read blogs and websites related to cycling for tips and other useful information on riding (like this one!).

Cycling is a sport that appeals to people of all ages and walks of life. By following the tips above, riders everywhere will find that they are able to enjoy cycling as much as possible. These 28 steps can help anyone become a master rider.