When you’re playing a sport or doing some exercise you don’t tend to think about how the clothing you’re wearing is of any benefit to you.

We believe that the running around or the weights we lift are the reasons why we get stronger, fitter or healthier when in actual fact the equipment we use and the clothing we wear can have just as many benefits.


Protection in Cold Weather

In the cold weather we’re all much more susceptible to picking up injuries, either through the ground being hard and frozen and causing issues for joints and bones; or because the body isn’t up to the optimum level to run around and cold muscles are more likely to pull or tear.

This is the kind of time where we really benefit from additional equipment such as cold weather gear from the likes of Compression Sportswear to help keep the muscles warm and the blood pumping around the body when we need it most. The compression clothing helps to keep the body warm, and increases circulation as a result. The better the circulation the warmer the body is and the muscles will become more “loose” and will subsequently expand and contract more readily.

As a result they do not have to work as hard to warm up and recovery times are also reduced. You can find that certain muscles take longer to recover than others and that particular area of your body might ache, that’s where improved recovery time is of benefit because you’re ready to go again much sooner.


One of the most common forms of compression wear is the baselayer. You see a number of top athletes wearing these tops, shorts and socks under their playing kit. There are two main forms of baselayer, one for use in hot conditions and one for cold weather. The ‘hot’ baselayer gets rid of sweat to help keep your body temperature cool; while the ‘cold’ layer takes the moisture away from the body without letting the heat from your body out so that you stay warm throughout your period of competition.

Kinesiology Tape

Kinesiology-TapeAnother form of compression equipment is kinesiology tape, which comes in pre-cut shapes to wrap around the joints and muscles to provide support and help with weak areas of the body or those prone to injury. It’s essentially a more modern and scientific version of the traditional ‘strapping’ that many athletes wear.

By wearing these kind of garments, athletes of all abilities are able to take part in their sports for longer with reduced risk of injuries. Many are skeptical of the actual benefits these garments have but they have definitely helped numerous professional and amateur sportsmen and women to stay fitter and healthier and even to improve their overall health and fitness.

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