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Planning your Perfect Golf Trip in Australia

If you are looking to plan a golfing trip to Australia, then take the time and effort to plan things carefully so that you ensure that you have the perfect golfing trip.


Selecting the right golf shoes for you

Not only is comfortable and stable footwear important for walking, stable footing is extremely important to your performance. Professional golfers take their selection of footwear very seriously, and so should you!

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Golfing’s Getting Greener

As you look down the fairway, you can’t help but notice the lush grass and the impeccable green beyond. This is what you expect of a golf course, only this one is different. Unlike your typical course that uses chemicals extensively to maintain perfection, this course uses organic means to achieve the same results.


Athlete Mom’s Prove Motherhood Not A Hurdle

In earlier days, motherhood was considered to be the end of an athletic career. These mom’s have proved that they can remain at the top of their game both on the field and in motherhood.

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Beware of Speeding Tricycles and Wayward Golf Clubs

Coaches love to talk about two well-known ‘accidents’ which kept pro players off the field for a good bit of time, let’s see what they are shall we?

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Can the Masters Jacket Stay in the USA This Year?

Will 2012 see another international star dominate Augusta, or will the U.S. take back control of tournament? At least five top American golfers intend to have something to do with the answer.

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