With the sun now out it’s a great time get outside and enjoy it. We’ve all spent months inside hiding away from the horrible weather, and now it’s time to put down the remote, switch off the games console and head outside to enjoy ourselves.

In the past few years, in Britain especially, we’ve seen some amazing sporting events that have inspired people to either join a new club, take up a new sport or just try to get fit and do more exercise because of the benefits it will have for their health.

We don’t hear the usual excuses of “I’m bored” or “I can’t be bothered”, we’re starting to see more and more people heading outside and taking part in sports.

The thing is, the likes of football and rugby are played throughout the year – predominantly during the winter, however – so it’s time to play something you can’t do all year round because of a combination of facilities and the weather. For example:



This is a prime example of a sport that people opt against during the winter months, and then remember about when the sun makes an appearance. You need very little equipment to actually go swimming which contributes to makes it so popular. All you need is a pair of swimming trunks or a swimming costume, something you can buy from stores like Newitts, maybe a pair of goggles if your eyes are sensitive to the chlorine in the pool and maybe some armbands that you can borrow from the pool itself.


Bike rides are always popular whether you’re a big fan of cycling or not. As long as you’ve got a bike and a helmet and somewhere to ride, you’re on your way. Take advantage of the natural beauty in your local area to actually get out and see it all from a different perspective. Maybe you’ve always driven past the local reservoir, overtaking cyclists, but never gone for a ride around it yourself – now’s your chance to see it in all its glory on two wheels, and you can always stop off for an ice cream or a picnic too, bonus!



Another sport we tend to forget about for most of the year because of the cold, depressing weather, but tennis makes for a great sociable game where you can have some fun with just one friend or a couple, playing singles or doubles together. All you need, in many cases, is a racket and a ball or two and access to a tennis court. If the latter is not an option, try and improvise with a home made nets and use some clothing as your lines.

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