Ten Fantasy Football TipsIt may be fantasy, but in order to prepare for it you need research, focus and an organized way of working. Strategy forms a key component of selection and continuous team evolution. Follow these suggestions to get a head start on the game and score a touchdown.

Tip 1: Know the League

It is very important to have complete knowledge of the type of league you are entering into. Points determine winners so you should be familiar with the scoring mechanism of the particular league. While some leagues give more weight (points) to the running back, traditional leagues still consider the quarterbacks to have greater importance.

Tip 2: Pick two and wait

It is said that the first two rounds of drafting indicate your standing. The two players you select will be your stars and will do your scoring. It is common practice for folks to load up on running backs for the first two rounds and then pick a quarterback, receiver and a tight end in the following rounds. It is a tried and tested technique but you cannot simply go with it blind-folded.

Tip 3: Use cheat sheets for direction

There are a lot of sites on the internet where you can get cheat sheets for the draft and it is good practice to include yourself in forums and discussions around the draft, before the draft. While drafting know what your competing teams are made of. The player you pick should fare competitively among his position players in other teams.

Tip 4: Draft your backups carefully

If you draft a backup who has the same bye week as your main player, it would do you no good. Also, backups are, well, backups. They can be used at the time of injury and in bye weeks. So in case you have to let go of a quality backup for an effective starter, you should do it.

Tip 5: Sleepers are important too

If you have valid reason to think they will make it to the draft, grab them cheap, but don’t haste into the draft. Kickers are another position that you can wait and draft in the later rounds. A kicker will not turn the game on its head and there isn’t too much of a gap between the top kicker and an average one.

Tip 6: Know the teams your players will be playing against

If you draft a strong player who is slotted to play weaker teams during the playoffs, you stand to score higher. Track your players. If a certain player is injured or has a bye week, adjust your lineup accordingly. Losing points due to lesser players in the lineup is not smart.

Tip 7: Don’t Panic

If a particular player gets off to a slow start find out if there are any reasons for it. If you land up trading your stars, you may not only land up with the second bests, but may also see your traded stars excel in the later games.

Fantasy Football TipsIn summary, it is a game that you should play on your own merit. Don’t kill the enthusiasm by drafting just as the owner does. Following your own well researched strategy will not only keep you involved, but may also turn out to be the winner at the end.

Or, if you’re not into fantasy football, try your hand in some fun party poker!