The battle for Lord Stanley’s Cup is well underway. While this year’s assortment of Wings, Hawks Ducks, Bruins and Rangers sounds like springtime in Yellowstone, it’s no walk in the park.

With second round action having started in mid-May, grab your favorite team’s baseball cap and sit back.

Here’s what’s gone down so far:

NHL Playoffs 2013


Los Angeles, desperate for championship-caliber play (in any sport), is hoping to ride a Kings bandwagon to another Conn Smythe ceremony. But the reigning champs should have their hands full in the next round against the surging Ducks, who were in St. Louis hoping to close out the Blues. At the very least LA should get a freeway series to keep the lights on at Staples Center a little longer.

And if you felt cheated not getting an LA-New York Final last year, keep your fingers crossed, but don’t hold your breath.

Heading for their Game 5 showdown in D.C., the Rangers and Capitals are dead even, but momentum favors NY, who MUST improve on power plays and keep working Ovevechkin to move on. After two excellent games opening the series on home ice, Alex went 0-for-NY. Rangers defensemen, McDonagh in particular, kept the Hart Trophy candidate boxed in and basically made him a polar bear. He was desperate for open ice.

Sharks start the next round minus forward Adam Burish. Valued for his hard-nosed play and Cup-winning experience, Burish left after his right hand was slashed near the end of P2 play. Unable to return, he still watched his team’s OT victory end the Canucks’ season with a brutally demoralizing sweep, the first in San Jose playoff history.

NHL Playoffs 2013 Hawks

But what does victory bring?

Most likely a beating from the Hawks, who quickly emerged from the Wild with their first playoff series victory since taking the Cup. Nobody wants to face Chicago.

The Senators closed out the battered Montreal Canadiens in five games. Ottawa moves on, most likely facing Pittsburgh, who took control of their series with the Islander delivering a crushing Game 5 victory.

After nine long years, the Leafs are back in the playoffs. Maybe not for long, even though Toronto is up 3-2 on the Bruins as Game 6 winds down.

After his OT gaffe in Game 5 enabled Dave Krejci’s game-winning goal for the Bruins, Dion Phaneuf’s tenure in Toronto could be at an end. Given a trio of promising young stars, Joffrey Lupul, Franson and Gardiner, destined to lead the club’s bounce back, Dion’s brain-freeze might be a ticket out of town.


Blame Pie all around in Vancouver. After their recent Shark-mauling swept them away, the Canucks have now lost 10 of 11 playoff games for the second year in a row. Expect radical changes, both on and off the ice.


Which team logo makes the coolest baseball cap? King’s baseball caps are classy, but Boston’s B is imposing and looks great on a baseball cap. But who doesn’t want a Shark on their head?