Michael Jordan vs Kobe Bryant
Kobe Bryant vs Michael Jordan, who is the greatest of all time? Ultimately it’s an argument of personal choice, but what if we look at just the hard data? Guest author Henry (Chito) Flores compares Kobe & Jordan’s career stats and accomplishments to see how they measure up.

Kobe Bryant Career Stats & Highlights

Kobe Bryant 24

Kobe’s nickname is black mamba, an extremely lethal & deadly poisonous snake. Kind of like Kobe on the basketball court against his opponents – deadly, lethal, and quick.

Kobe a 13 year veteran in the NBA, has been proven a man amongst boys on the basketball court. As a scorer he averages 25.2 points per game, which is even more incredible considering that average is over a 13 year career span in the NBA. He scored 81 points in a single game (2006-2007 season) which is second only to Wilt Chamberlain’s highest point scoring game record.

A five-time NBA world champion. Currently in his 2010-2011 season going for his sixth championship, which would tie him with Michael Jordan. He’s been finals MVP twice, league MVP once, all NBA defensive 9 times and all NBA 8 times. He admits, all he cares about now is leaving his mark as one of the greatest (if not THE greatest) basketball player ever to touch a ball.


But despite his truly impressive record, is he really a better baller than Michael Jordan? Since Michael Jordan’s retirement basketball fans of both players have argued all of the finer points. Let’s take a look at Jordan’s career stats & highlights and see for ourselves.

Michael Jordan Career Stats & Highlights

Michael Jordan 23Michael Jordan, nicknamed Air Jordan because he appeared to glide through the air in his signature dunking moves. Considered, for years, to be the absolute paragon of basketball virtue – THE ideal basketball player – scoring, rebounds, assists, team play and overall sportsmanship. For years aspiring youth everywhere wanted to “Be Like Mike”. His endorsements were on every station, bus bench, billboard and magazine. His arial silhouette adorned the shirts and sneakers on courts across the world. How does this 90’s icon measure up in stats?

In high school he didn’t make the cut for the varsity team, in fact he was cut from the team entirely. Perseverance was perhaps his greatest asset, and he diin’t let that stop him from loving the game. He channeled it into motivation that powered his rise to greatness – practice, improve, practice, improve – through high school, college ball, and finally the NBA. His work ethic was out of this world. He played hurt, sick no matter what – he played.

Michael Jordan - Best Basketball Player Ever?He went on to play in the NBA for 15 incredible seasons, winning Six NBA championships, in two 3-peats. His career scoring average is 30.1 points per game, which one of the highest career average ever. Jordan won MVP three times, all NBA team defense nine times, all NBA first team ten times. The list of accomplishments and accolades goes on and on.

So is his legacy so for far ahead of everyone else that no one will ever supersede his accomplishments?

So then who really IS the Greatest Basketball Player of all Time?

Unless we could reverse the hands of time placing Kobe and Michael head to head in the prime of their careers we will never truly know who is a better player? We all have different perspectives and ideas about each player whether good or bad.

Chances are, if you grew up in the 90’s watching Michael dominate the courts then you will probably be in the Michael Jordan camp. On the other hand if you grew up in the 2000’s you will more likely be rooting for Kobe Bryant. So who knows, perhaps this is an argument with-out a simple and definite solution.

What about you? What’s your point of view?