Advancements in technology have made it easy for the players to equip themselves with the right kind of playing accessories. The rugby boots are prominent examples of how modern boots are playing a significant role in maximizing the efficiency of the players on the field. Rugby is a hard-hitting game that necessitates the players to prepare themselves with quality equipment.

Rugby boots are perhaps the most important part of the game.

Effective ones provide immense support and strength to the rugby players. If you are a player, putting on a pair of high quality, technically crafted rugby boots will help you understand the difference. So, what are the essential components of a rugby boot? Here is a brief discussion about this particular sports accessory to allow you choose the perfect one for yourself.


The Cut of the Boot

The very first thing that you need to know regarding the rugby boots is the cut. Low cut boots are lightweight and hence more comfortable.

However, the high cut boots, though heavier, offer better ankle support and balance to the player. If you are a second row player, go for the high cut boots to stay safe. Seasoned players, playing in the front line, usually prefer low cut boots to run swiftly and be comfortable.

The Length and Number of Studs

The next essential thing about the rugby boots is the studs on them.

Studs are meant to offer traction and balance. As such, the number and length of the studs you should go for ideally depends on the playing conditions. Longer and more studs are better for wet conditions since they allow better gripping on the soft ground. While playing in dry weather conditions, you can stick to boots with smaller and lesser number of studs. The latter is more comfortable and prevents the chances of the studs digging into the player’s feet.

The Material

As far as the material of the boots is concerned, you have the option of choosing between leather boots and synthetic boots. Both the types have their respective advantages and disadvantages. Leather boots are heavy but lasts long if looked after with care. These are naturally more durable. Synthetic boots, on the other hand, are cheaper and need less care. Beginners usually go for the synthetic boots first especially if they are playing in dry weather conditions. The cost of the leather boots again depends upon the quality of the leather.

Get Online to Buy Quality Rugby Boots

Once aware of the different types of rugby boots and their unique specifications, you can go ahead buying these online from the reputed stores. The best idea is to keep boots of varying types in order to suit the different playing conditions. Come across any recognized dealer in sports equipment online. With any one of them, you can find a range of sports equipment from popular brands all over. Just take note of what exactly you are looking for, communicate your requirements and lay your hands upon excellent rugby boots.

Rugby boots come in different varieties. Read on to learn about the factors you need to take into consideration while choosing rugby boots.