Going by a fan following of close to 30 million players around the world, Fantasy Football truly is a fantasy. Research, discussion, statistics, forums, cheat sheets, there are a ton of activities to be done to prepare well for the game and the Internet provides enthusiasts with thousands of websites to get the information.

But as the number of websites grow, the quality flickers and it is easy for the beginner to get lost in the flood of mediocre websites thrown up by search engines. Here is a list of a few best fantasy football sites that walk the talk of being the best in Fantasy Football;

ESPN Fantasy Football

1) ESPN Fantasy Football

For a name synonymous with sports, it isn’t a surprise that ESPN features a fantasy football site. They have an efficient website which works great even when supporting high volumes of traffic during the time of the draft. There are public and private leagues that you can be part of and for the entrepreneurs there is the option of creating your very own league. Get the participants and play. Setting up a custom league can be fun on ESPN as you can have your own number of participants and scoring systems. The teams are set up just like the real world with eleven in the offensive lineup and eleven in the defensive. There is a paid version too, but ESPN’s analysis and player ranking is available for all to use.

NFL Fantasy Football

2) NFL Fantasy Football

Hardly a surprise that the National Football League would have an online version as well; the user interface is easy to navigate and set up custom leagues if you choose to. The options of public, private and pay leagues are also available. The analysis and rankings are freely available like other sites listed here. You can review a team’s previous year’s picks with the players’ previous years’ performance. NFL.com

Yahoo Fantasy Football

3) Yahoo Fantasy Football

A great free website which offers public and custom leagues. There are discussion forums along with player analysis and records to help you during the draft. While picking your defense lineup Yahoo only gives the option for linebackers, linemen, defensive backs. The site is loaded with latest news and expert advice from sports critics from around the world. There is an option to participate in paid leagues as well.

CBS Fantasy Football

4) CBS Sports

Some fans say that the site is not very user friendly but the quality of content is par with the best. They offer a Power Projector feature which is basically a set of three projections given by experts on every player. You can download draft kits and analyze mock drafts from here. As reported by the New York Times, CBS was voted as the website with the ‘Most Accurate Rankings’ for all positions in 2009.

Fanball Fantasy Football

5) Fanball

Among the big boys, Fanball is a hot pick for those looking for high stakes. It is a typical contests’ site offering big cash prizes for various fantasy sports. There are paid and free leagues just like the other websites; they also offer a chance to winners of free leagues to participate in money leagues in the next season.