The past six months have been nothing short of exhilarating for AFL aficionados. But now that the regular season is almost over, you can expect the competition to make an even more breathtaking turn.

September is the month that Aussie football fans have been waiting for because it signals the return of the freight train known as the AFL finals.

Eight teams will wage war against one another, as each will scratch and claw their way to claim the prized premiership. It’s best to hold on to your butts, boys and girls; it’s going to be a frenetic ride towards the finish.


Australian Football League

As of this writing, the stage has been practically set. The last squads standing are Hawthorn, Geelong, Fremantle, Sydney, Richmond, Collingwood, Port Adelaide, and Carlton. It should be noted that Essendon is supposed to be a part of that list (instead of Carlton); however, the club was sanctioned by the league for the highly controversial doping issue. Regardless, the show must go on, and we still have a few more games lined up in the 23rd and final round of the regular season. League-leading Hawthorn will go up against the defending champs Sydney in what should be a fantastic contest. Other games include Geelong vs. Brisbane, Fremantle vs. St. Kilda, Richmond vs. Essendon, Collingwood vs. North Melbourne, and Port Adelaide vs. Carlton. The said contests still hold a lot of significance since these should be perfect for warming up and boosting the respective momentums of the top teams going into the finals series.

But even before the final eight squads have been determined, the punting world has already been buzzing over who’s going to win it all come September 29th, the date in which the 2013 premiership will be decided. Naturally, Hawthorn, being the number one team in the standings, is the heavy favourite to win it all. Geelong, Freemantle, and Sydney, which round out the top half of the final eight, are not that far behind in the odds, though. Still, you can’t discount the rest of the teams. This is the premiership we’re talking about, after all—anything can happen. (If you’re interested in becoming a part of the betting action, check out Visit here for some of the best offers from leading bookmakers such as Luxbet and IASbet.)

It doesn’t matter if you’re a bettor or a mere observer—what we’re about to witness is a grand spectacle of heart and athleticism. At no point during the year is Australian Rules football going to be more moving and electrifying. This is the time wherein competitors become heroes, and greatness becomes the stuff of legend. The 2013 AFL finals is upon us.

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