Baseball Training AidsBaseball practice used to require at least two people for a game of catch or pitching and batting practice. But now there’s a variety of baseball training equipment available to improve a player’s swing, speed, agility, hand-eye coordination, and more. With the right combination of training equipment, baseball players can now practice alone to achieve all of these, whether it’s at home or a warm up before the game, without an expensive pitching machine or a batting cage.

1) Baseball Swing Trainers

Baseball swing trainers promote a better swing and solid contact with the ball. Portable swing training stations function much like a mobile tetherball set, with a pole on a stable tripod that comes with easy setup, breakdown, and storage capabilities. The ball is attached at both the top and bottom of the pole, so with each swing the ball winds up and releases with enough force to keep the ball at home-run hitting level. Players can take advantage of repetition training that provides up to 500 swings per hour.

2) Baseball Training Bats

Baseball training bats improve hand-eye coordination, contact consistency, and accuracy.

  • Speed training bats have a narrowed diameter and are either weighted or lightweight. Weighted bats improve strength, accuracy, and concentration. Lightweight bats develop speed and quick hands.
  • Sweet-spot bats have an extra narrow neck with a bulkier main barrel, promoting consistency through optimal contact with the ball by hitting on the “sweet spot” with every pitch.
  • Narrow diameter bats have a smaller diameter from neck to barrel and improve hand-eye coordination.

3) Baseball Practice Nets

Baseball practice nets have multiple functions, providing a way for players to practice solo hitting, pitching, and field work. A pop-up netinstantly “pops up” or breaks down and can be used for either batting or pitching practice. In fact, the 7-foot by 7-foot square net is so versatile, it makes a great piece of equipment for cross-training in golf, soccer, football, lacrosse, and field hockey. For baseball and softball pitchers, a pitching target can be added to act at the catcher and improve accuracy.

  • Tight-tension nets are meant for throwing and field training rather than hitting and pitching, providing a way for players to play catch with themselves.
  • A crazy catch net is a random bounce rebounder, promoting quickness and agility training. The crazy catch returns your throws randomly as pop flys and line drives with unpredictable height and direction, improving reflex and reaction time.
  • A pitchback net has an adjustable angle that simulates either ground balls, line drives, or pop flys, depending on the angle it’s set at. Pitchbacks improve throwing, fielding, reflexes, and coordination.